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This performance was part of my fourth Kitchen presentation
during my studies at Dutch Art Institute 2021.
performers: Emmeli Persons and Eli Witteman 
The work took place at Post-Theater, Arnhem - Netherlands



00:00 to 02:00 ~ water drops ~

02:00 ~ Music starts

Me on the mic:



HiiiiI'm glad you made it
We were so worried about you
It is pouring out there
Aren’t your wings heavy?
They are dropping really thick this time
I could barely breath
But now that you are finally here
In your iridescent gown
That looks amazing by the way
Looking me through those gorgeous crystalize eyes
sensing the tension at the moment right before
a few drops

becomes one
To finally slide through a porous skin
down into shimmering armour

Would you mind answer me this question?
Is it fluid
Or is it just
A cute echo
Bouncing against
Pristine Structures
Of being?

Can I live in between?
Can I slide in between
Please let me breathe in between
I need to breathe in between
May I exist in this inbetween
There is only becoming in this in between
I need to non stop becoming in this in between
Don’t let me leave this in between
PleaseI need to breath I this in between
I want to grieve in this in between
Don’t leave me alone in this in between
Can we just stay here in this in-between
Can I just disappear in this in between
Can you become me in this in-between, please

Silence sobbing

I was watching hentai the other night
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best hentai movies of the last year.

But what I saw was:
Shiny sticky fluids
Their fluids.
Shimmering in slow motion
Isolated sounds
Similar to when you close your eyes to focus
On the wetness
Splashing sounds
Thick wetness against light wetness
Against a fleeting wetness
That returns as a never-ending fantasy
A loop movement,a repetition without any variation
A beauty that doesn’t need to be informed
Just hold, hold it tightly
Drops unfolding at a frame rate
Traced only on their sublime expression
while transforming into dripping lines
glowing across blurred skin backgrounds
as they disperse all over the voyeur
paralyzed eyelids

Enclosed feedback of desireEnclosed beauty of the cumming.
As our senses reduce
How much can we remember?
While every little thing that happens adds up always
in a different configuration

As liquid holds
it always needs to be transported
through different textures
That touch, scrape, graze, rasp, caress

Patterns of iterations

I had a feeling
I use to have this feeling