aseptic skeptical




This work was commisioned by
Niewve Vide for the onlinezine
Metamorphosis: on future bodies and living identities
May 2021, Haarlem, Netherlands



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A fly is mostly related to the remains, the leftovers, to what it is expelled from a capitalistic embodiment towards an out of field, towards a silenced landscape, a non-scape where odors rise and fade following the lifespan of invisible bacteria.
Flies are the one of the first visitors of the stillness in human and non-human bodies. That stillness is not the outcome from an interruption of a physical and individual movement, nor movement is the outcome of an interruption of this stillness. As a fly moves in recursive circles across the air, so does time. Therefore a fly inhabits the in-betweens of  binaries like life and death, movement and stillness. It is a carrier for multiplicity creating bridges between simultaneous and different  states of a body and the political forces that define them.

But as this silent carrier is beyond my grasp, I wouldn’t speak for them, I couldn’t, but I do wonder as my imagination is also being carried away between its tiny insect legs. As I see them flying through invisible and fractal paths of wind, I imagine how it is to travel across those different pressures and accumulations of air molecules until finding ,after a particular perception of time, gigantic territories emerging from blurriness, speaking in scents, where I can lay and ask, what is it that you want me to carry? Where do you wanna go? Do you wanna disappear from the language of this world? Collectively working  for the vital network of the un-seen processes. 
As I cannot grasp but imagine, projecting my human, particular and political reality into an invention, an incarnation or into one of many versions of reality, I wish my avatar to be a fly. Being able to  Inhabit  a spiral inter-relation of affect, a fly can also perform as a carrier for  multiplicity inside a digital space, a multiplicity that it’s been transformed into a technological singularity. As I engage in feeding speculative processes of thinking I further state that  a digital fly will feed on what is left after the fantasy of a complete codification of ourselves and the world we lived in. A digital fly will carry then the leftovers of what the technocrats decided to edit, to cut off, to not fully translate. This half-coded remains will make of digital fly a creator  who will transport unwanted realities to realms where they can gather and be. But also the fly will carry the un-seen vibrations into the technocrat’s wet dreams to silently nourish changes and mutations in the sceptic surface of an imposed future.