an animated tear drop




This performance was part of my third Kitchen presentation
during my studies at Dutch Art Intitute 2021.
The work took place at
Performance Art Forum - Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France



Liquid fluids

Dense fluids

Thick fluids

Sticky fluids

Viscous fluids

Clinging fluids

Fleeting fluids

Floating and sticky eggs nesting inside a spit dripping from a leaf.

Sweat drops that stay fixed.

Veins full of slimy blood are squeezed but do not burst.

Fluids hold.

Inside liquids, over liquids, through liquids.

Fluids don’t move but gets moved.

Rounded thick tears fall down the cheeks while sparkling. Gathered and released at every blink, the crystalline water lump covers the eyes gently as little stars appear shimmering inside dilated pupils. A red-pink blush emerges softly through pristine skin just under drooling eyes.

A melodic cry follows.

A maggot falling down a waterfall whispers “ there is no touch without a liquid”